Taking Your Summer Wardrobe into Winter

Winter has started to creep in and we are having to pull our doonas and blankets from the cupboards. And it is not just our winter blankets that need dusting off but also our winter wardrobes. But what if you have just bought a fabulous new summer wardrobe? You don’t want to wait 6 months to wear all of those clothing items again! At Stylefast, we have some tips and tricks to keep your summer fashion trending into winter.


Step One: Go Through Your Wardrobe

First thing to do is to go through your wardrobe, lay everything out and find the items you wear the most. Find the items that you have that you may have forgotten about or that may have slipped to the back of your wardrobe. During the season you may have fallen into wearing the same few outfits but perhaps there are items that you had forgotten about that you can add back into your style. By pulling everything out, it allows you to assess what you have at your disposal and what you can transition into your winter wardrobe.


Step Two: Spot the Gaps

There are always going to be some gaps that you just can’t make up for with your summer wardrobe. Do you need to invest in some long sleeved shirts to slip under dresses, or some longer pants? Identify these gaps and write yourself out a shopping list. There are some essential items that should be included in your wardrobe:

1. A Winter Coat: It is important to have that warm outer-layer. At Stylefast, we make sure that our winter coats are both trendy and practical. Our range of jackets suit all styles and sizes. A winter coat ensures that no matter what you wear, you’ll be warm all winter long.


2. Long Sleeve Tops: Adding some long sleeve tops into your wardrobe allows you to layer up your outfits. Adding a simple long-sleeved top under a dress can create a whole new look while keeping you warm.

3. Some Warm Knits: Adding in some knits allows you to spruce up some of your older pieces by adding some colour contrast to your outfit while staying warm and snuggly in the winter months. A couple of quality knits can mean you can take some of those cooler summer outfits and transition into a winter ensemble.

Dress with knit


4. Warm Pants: If you are relying on shorts and skirts in summer, you may need to add in some long pants or tights for your winter wardrobe. Adding in some quality denim allows you to transition your summer tops into winter and grabbing some stylish tights to wear with your skirts means that you are not losing your fashion pieces in the winter months.


5. Cosy Accessories: In winter, you want to keep warm but you don’t want to lose your sense of style. The solution? Accessorise! Add in a stylish scarf or a cute beanie to keep your outfit stylish and warm.


Step Three: Mix and Match

Once you have sorted your wardrobe and added in your winter essentials, it is time to get creative! By adding layers to your existing summer items, you can create an entirely new look, without the price tag. Simply add some long pants and a snazzy scarf to your summer top and you have a whole new outfit to wear out and about. 

Another way to upscale your outfits is to layer up! Add a cute knit over your dress to add a new layer of texture and keep you toasty all day. This is also a great way to work around those days when the weather decides to throw back to summer.

The important thing to remember is you have a whole wardrobe at your disposal. Don’t limit yourself to a few items you wear over and over. Spice it up! Try a new look whenever you can to keep your wardrobe fresh all winter long 


Step Four: Grab Some New Shoes

Unfortunately, your summer sandals, unlike the rest of your wardrobe, cannot transition with you into the winter months. It may be time to grab yourself some trendy new boots or some jazzy sneakers. These are practical while still adding to your outfit. At Stylefast, we offer a range of shoes that will keep your outfit up-to-date while also keeping your feet warm.