How to Wear a Maxi Dress

We’ve all seen those incredible photos of a fashionista rocking a maxi dress outfit that just looks so effortless and stylish. Yet, since you’re here reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to wear a maxi dress like that – and not end up looking like you turned up to brunch in a ballgown. Read on to find out how to pull off a fashion-forward maxi dress outfit!

4 x Key Tips on How to Wear a Maxi Dress

Highlight one part of the outfit

If you’re new to playing with your style, it’s easiest to keep it simple to start with. Choose one item that is the star of the show, and don’t overcomplicate the rest.

  • If your dress has a bold print or colour, wear it with classic and neutral pieces in complementing colours.
  • If the dress is simple, use jewellery, a scarf or hair accessories to bring interest to the outfit.

Keep it simple in the shoe department

The length of the maxi dress can easily make it look too formal for some occasions. That’s why we recommend wearing simple and casual shoes for an everyday look. For instance, cowboy boots, flat sandals or trainers will look great with a maxi dress! However, if the dress itself is very casual and relaxed, a simple pair of heeled sandals is great for elevating the look.

Create contrast with other pieces

The art of how to wear a maxi dress in a chic way is to play with contrasting items. We tend to associate the maxi length with formal events, so pairing a maxi dress with more casual pieces creates contrast. It also ensures the outfit doesn’t look too formal or stuffy. On a chilly day, throw on a denim or leather jacket, or for the office, a blazer to add structure to a flowy maxi.


As with the other parts of the outfit, the accessories need to offer balance to the outfit.

  • With a simple colour-block dress, add interest with a statement necklace.
  • With a flowy dress or a print dress, opt for delicate jewellery.
  • If you want to accentuate your waistline, add in a belt to cinch the dress in.
  • Pair a maxi dress with a larger, relaxed bag to avoid the I’m-off-to-a-gala look. Think a straw bag, a bucket bag or a basket straw bag.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress: Outfit Inspiration

A bold floral print with simple heeled boots

Here the bold and colourful print of the maxi dress is the main event. The heeled boots are casual enough to keep the outfit relaxed, and the neutral nude leather matches with the light pink in the print.

Strappy heels with a relaxed maxi dress

Remember what we said about balance? Here the shape of the dress is so casual, especially with the rope tie, so even with heels, the look is not too formal! A loose and relaxed dress like this is great to just throw on any day and paired with the heels it works at any event.

Boho dress with cowboy boots

This look is a go-to for maxi dress lovers, especially for the bohemians at heart! If you’re just getting started adding prints and patterns to your wardrobe, a small pattern like this is easier to wear than a big and bold one. This look is so versatile, too – you could wear it to ride into the sunset, or just out to dinner!

Play with prints in a neutral colour

This number has a playful print, but the black and white colouring makes it easy to wear day in and day out. With a belt incorporated, it’s perfect for accentuating your waist while getting some arm coverage. Chuck on a pair of boots and dress it up with statement earrings for dinner.