How to Organise Your Wardrobe

There is no one way to correctly organise a wardrobe but instead finding out what works best for you. The right mix of practicality and pretty will make your getting ready for anything a breeze! Here are the steps you can take to getting your wardrobe right for you.


The first step you should take when organising anything is decluttering. In terms of clothing and accessories, the easiest way to do this is by grouping like items so that you can compare them on a whole. From here you will be able to determine what items still work for you, what items need repair,  which could stand to be donated and those that are beyond repair.

Clean your wardrobe

While it’s empty take a quick second to wipe the wardrobe down and get rid of any rogue bobby pins or lone earrings you find. This plus all the hard work you did decluttering will give you a really solid foundation to ensuring your wardrobe gets maximum use.

Design the perfect space for you

Now that you know what you have left and your wardrobe is nice and clean you can now decide what storage configurations will work best not only in the space but for you. Think practically about how you get ready in the morning and what would be the most practical use of the space. You might have found that you have more hangable clothes than folded so you could potentially get rid of your big dresser in favour of more hanging space or vice versa.

The beauty of this part is that you can go wallet friendly or all out depending on what your budget and needs are. The biggest focus here is setting up a system that will work for you long-term. Don’t make choices based on their look but rather ones that you see yourself being able to maintain.

Organise by Category

We recommend organising by category so that you always know where everything lives. This will make getting ready so much easier than hunting for specific items throughout your wardrobe.  It will also help you keep track of the things you own allowing you to maintain the work you did decluttering.

Hang anything delicate or bulky

If you like you can hang everything but if you don’t have the space or know that won’t work for you long term, we recommend hanging anything delicate like dresses or skirts as well as more bulky, structured items like coats or blazers. Pro organiser Marie Kondo recommends hang everything facing in the same direction with longer items on the left working towards shorter items on the left. Coupling this with the organising by category, your wardrobe should already be looking amazing!

Use Drawer Dividers

Organisation shouldn’t end at just the things you can easily see but you can further this into your drawers as well. Measure the space you have so you know what drawer dividers will work best. Then roll things like t-shirts, pyjamas, workout clothes, socks and underwear into these boxes. Not only will it save space and look nice but you will also be able to easily see when it’s time to do laundry!

Grow your wardrobe with intention 

Now that you have your space sorted you will be able to see what you have and areas that you could stand to add a few more pieces. We recommend choosing some staple items to make up the bulk of our wardrobe. Ideally these pieces should be super versatile with a few changes being able to carry you through all life's events and seasons. We love a good maxi dress! Paired with the right accessories it can be worn anywhere. You also can't go wrong with a white button up blouse to pair with jeans or a maxi skirt. Plus, don't forget a simple denim jacket, perfect to throw over that maxi dress.