Get to Know Our StyleFast Ambassador: Natalie Faulkner of NattyFaulks

Tell me a little bit about you:

I am a mum of two (Jude 5 and Lola 2) and I am a creative person who likes to have fun!

I work in marketing predominantly, but I also write my blog Loved By Natty which features brands I love including fashion, party entertaining, mum hacks, recipes and cocktails. My favourite thing to do is make people laugh and I was actually a children’s entertainer for 14 years so I can be a bit hyper at times LOL!I live on the sunny Gold Coast with my family and we often go camping which we love! I can be a little bit extra at times and like to make the ordinary things in life a bit fancier. Like using the best crystal every day and not just a special occasion or making a simple picnic with the family a bit prettier with fancy decorations. I can't help it! It's just me.

What got you into fashion blogging?

I have always been obsessed with clothing and accessories. I started doing some Instagram posts on Maternity outfits that were not actually maternity, when I was pregnant with Lola and I had lots of ladies asking questions. So, from there I just started sharing my outfits more often and it’s kind of evolved. Now my most requested type of collaboration is to work with brands on creating fun fashion reels or IGTV posts for Instagram. I love creating them so it's a win-win!

What is the typical day in the life of a fashion blogger look like?

I juggle fashion blogging with my everyday work, so on my blog days, I get the kids to school and then I get steaming! I steam all the outfits and figure out the accessories.

Then depending on the content, I am creating (an Instagram post, a blog or an Instagram reel or video) i will set up the area to film, do my hair and makeup and start shooting.

Some days I team up with another fashion blogger and we scout out nice walls or scenery to do our still shots and take pics for each other. After we get the shots or video content I then head home and start editing.

(And in between editing get my kids dinner and read bedtime stories!)

Once everything is edited it’s time to schedule posts and captions and then email off the content to the brand I am working with.

How do you determine which brands you choose to work with?

I like to work with brands that I honestly love and brands that are looking for long term partnerships. I think it is important to not just take on a job in the blogging world without a purpose and without believing in it yourself otherwise it is just not authentic. My personal style is bright & fresh but a little bit boho, so I like to work with brands that match my look.

What are the classic pieces in your wardrobe?

The classics would have to be a denim jacket and a good knit. I live on the Gold Coast so winter doesn't get too cold so I can actually layer my favourite spring and summer dresses and still wear them in winter. Also, I have always and forever had a good pair of nude shoes in both flats and heels because they go with everything. And of course, a white shirt for layering and to wear with denim or skirts.

What accessory (or accessories) can you not live without?

A good quality tan bag! It goes with everything. And oversized sunglasses. I have an addiction.

What is your summer wardrobe essential?

A white dress is an absolute must. It is just so fresh and can be dressed up or down for beach or cocktails. Also, a good hat that is fashionable to dress up an outfit on days I can't be bothered to do my hair!

What is your winter wardrobe essential?

I have two! I am obsessed with a good set of ankle boots. Tan or black are my go-to and a good quality coat or coatigan are a must to throw over an outfit and layer.

Any tips on taking an outfit from a casual daytime event to a night time function?

The fastest way to take a daytime look to night, is add some killer heels and some statement jewellery. But just choose either earrings or a necklace, not both. Sometimes adding a belt to cinch in the waist of a dress can also make it look instantly dressier too.

What is the best fashion tip or advice you have been given or live?

Better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Talk us through your top 4 styling tips?

  1. Choose colours to suit your skin tone. You want to feel like an outfit compliments your skin, not washes you out.

  2. Invest in good underwear! This can change the shape and fit of an outfit!

  3. Don't be afraid to mix vintage with new! I love looking at op shops for vintage belts or bags or scarves.

  4. Edit your wardrobe often so you can clear out and figure out what staples you need to upgrade - e.g. white shirts, jeans etc. Then you can pair together outfits and re wear outfits! 

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