Get to Know Our StyleFast Ambassador: Maz of Maz Lifestyle

Tell Us a Little About You:

I’m 57 years old and have been happily married to the love of my life for 35 years. We have 3 daughters and 1 son, and we were recently blessed with our 5th grandchild. I live on a property, close to the remote town of Carinda in far western NSW. I love to sew and create clothing for myself and clients and am actively involved in my small community.

What got you into Blogging About Fashion?

My children. We had a sea change to the Gold Coast for 5 years, where I opened an interiors store called Maz Interiors which was predominantly “Shabby Chic” inspired. As the business grew, I incorporated workshops and shopping tours. What I really loved was the connections and friendships that were made by me teaching and inspiring other women. Fast forward to 2015, we decided that the city was not for us and returned to the country, selling my business. My children could see that my creativity and passion for sharing, inspiring, and connecting with women was not being used. So, they told me about blogging and what I could do on this platform. So with me being technically challenged, they set it up for me and here I am!

What’s a typical day in the life of a fashion blogger look like?

Definitely not as glamorous as you think.  I am a one-man band with no assistant or help in any form.  I take all my own photos, which can be incredibly challenging at times; I do my own hair and makeup; and scout for my own locations as I like to show different locations in my area. I also write and edit my content. I do on some occasions ask my mate and neighbour Jude, who’s pretty hand with a camera, to help me out  when we both need a Saturday afternoon away from our husbands.


How do you determine what brands you work with?

Firstly, I have to love their product and believe in it. Most of my collaborations have come from me firstly purchasing their clothing or products, then test running it; and if it meets all my expectations and requirements, then I will share with my followers and audience.  I don’t actively seek out collaborations, the right ones just seem to organically find their way to me, and the brands I am currently working with love my uniqueness (I’m not your average fashion blogger) and authenticity which I absolutely love.

What's your classic piece in your wardrobe?

Living in the outback you don’t have the opportunities to get dressed up as much as those in the city do. As the elements are against you out here, heat, dust, mud, dirt road, burrs, and the occasional snake! So most of my essential pieces are basic staples that I can dress up and down: denim jacket, white denim skirt, a good pair of jeans, and a great pair of boots.

What accessory or accessories can you not live without?

Ok this one is a no brainer, statement earrings, fedora hat, and a leopard scarf will always take an outfit from drab to fab.

Summer wardrobe essential:

I love my white denim skirt and an off the shoulder dress or top. Oh, also this is not a fashion item but I love my fake tan in summer! It just makes you feel so much better when you are showing more skin, especially at my age.

What is your winter wardrobe essential?

I love a great cape/poncho! I have quite a few but mainly in the neutral tones. You can have on basic outfit like white jeans and a black skivvy, then throw a cape or poncho over the top, pop on a fedora hat and you're looking hot.

Any tips on taking an outfit from a casual daytime event to a nighttime function?

I would recommend choosing your core piece knowing it will have to perform two different looks.  I have a great leopard wrap dress, which I would wear a denim jacket and sneakers for daytime, and for nighttime change the shoes to heels or boots, glam up the earrings and change to a fur vest or wrap and tada you’re done.

What is your best fashion advice?

Wear what YOU love and what makes you feel good, not what the current trends are. Follow people who inspire you and whose style and fashion you love.

“Style and Confidence requires knowing yourself and wearing what you feel best in”.

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