Get to Know Our StyleFast Ambassador: Jasmine Hunt of Pretty Chuffed


We love to build a community of like-minded women who love fashion which is why we were chuffed to get the chance to work with Jasmine Hunt. Learn more about Jasmine and her road to fashion blogging here. 

Tell us more about you!

I'm a small-town girl who moved to the city for university. I met my perfect man, finished uni, got married and now we have our three little ones (7 years, 5 years and 1)! I have a background in marketing and PR but have always loved fashion, photography and writing. Prior to maternity leave, I worked for a large agricultural body, as the editor for their magazine. 

What got you into fashion blogging?

In 2011 I started blogging - just the usual lifestyle type things, but mostly affordable fashion. In 2014 I was at home on maternity leave with my first child, and I missed work! So, I decided to revamp my blog, and start an Instagram account to attach to it, and my initial topics were affordable fashion and what to wear when you're a new mum. 

Where did you blog and Instagram name ‘Pretty Chuffed’ originate from?

I used to say, 'pretty chuffed' all the time, for example: 'Hey, where did you get that dress from?' 'Oh, I got it from StyleFast, it was the last one in my size and I was pretty chuffed about it!' - and ironically, now I never say it!

What is the typical day in the life of a fashion blogger look like?

I'm not sure about high fashion bloggers! But for me a typical day is waking up at the crack of dawn thanks to my little cherubs, then getting them ready for the day. I then get dressed into my outfit for the day, take the kids to school and then usually I will either run any errands that need to be done or take my youngest to the park. I then film reels whilst he is napping (or at day care), and then I throw my tripod and camera into the car and take my photo for the day on the way to pick up the eldest two from school! After dinner and bedtime for the kids, I then spend a fair bit of time on emails and replying to messages or comments; and editing my photos and videos if needed. 

How do you determine which brands you choose to work with?

I only work with brands I already love, and/or I know my followers would love! I am all about fun, affordable style; and items you can wear to more than one type of occasion. I also like quality items that are good value, and to work with companies that are striving towards diversity and inclusive sizing. 

What are the classic pieces in your wardrobe?

I can't go past a fun dress! I wear dresses most days, they are just so easy to wear and perfect for our Brissy weather. 

What accessories can you not live without?

Fun, comfy flats; and sunglasses - I love them! I have so many different styles which I change daily based on my outfit or mood. 

What is your summer wardrobe essential?

A fun sundress in a cute print - one that you can dress up or down. 

What is your winter wardrobe essential?

A pair of great, comfortable jeans. 

Any tips on taking an outfit from a casual daytime event to a night time function?

Oh yes! So many tips! Add lots of jewellery - layered necklaces. Also, a chic, low bun in your hair can dress up a daytime outfit, or if you have short hair, slick it back. Add drop earrings. Swap out your shoes for strappy heels or boots, add red or pink lipstick and a clutch. Belting a looser dress or top can dress up an outfit as well. 

What is the best fashion tip or advice you have been given or live?

Wear what you love! Life is too short to not wear what you want. If you love it, wear it. 

Talk us through the 5 ways to Style the new Zoe Dress

Firstly, I would pair it with tan flats and a rattan bag for a casual outfit - tan works so well with navy! Add a hat for a boho vibe. I would then pair with sneakers if I had a lot of errands to run that day. Another way I would wear it is with tan wedges and a tan clutch - perfect for a birthday party, dinner date or a BBQ. This dress is fully button-down so can be worn as a cape as well. Pair with jeans and a cami. Simply add heels and gold drop earrings to take it to evening!

For outfit ideas, affordable style and all things mum life, follow @prettychuffed here!