Behind the Scenes - Look at Our New Warehouse

StyleFast moved into our new Head Office and Warehouse in April this year after outgrowing our original office. We wanted to make sure that our space was not only functional but also stylish and friendly.

As such, we decided to work with the team at Rylo Co, an award-winning Brisbane Build, Renovation & Design Studio run by husband and wife team, Ryan and Lauren. The warehouse space needed to be functional and practical as we have new styles and boxes arriving daily. It was intimidating at first but also really exciting! We started with the blank empty shell of the warehouse and were able to design the entire space the way that we wanted.

For the main warehouse, our first step was to add functional shelving that our warehouse manager can use, ensuring it is easy to unpack each style and place it into the shelving. We also wanted a large packing space for all of our online orders. This space had to include large decks with shelving to store the necessary items for packing our online orders; this includes envelopes, wash bags, packing tape, and stationary. Finally, we ensured there is a desk at a comfortable height so you can either stand or sit while packing orders. We also wanted to separate our office space from the main warehouse so we closed in the stairs and created a separate upstairs office.

With our office, we wanted to provide a WOW factor as people entered. As such, we have a stunning large Slim Aarons piece before you walk up the stairs to a large open plan office. 

When you walk into our main office, we have 3 large share-desks. These desks can fit up to 4 staff members and where you will find our Digital Marketing team and HR and Office Manager. From here, you can also see our kitchen, complete with a large bench, oven, and a fridge. 

We also included a large wooden dining table, with a fun pineapple chandelier over the top! Staff break for lunch and will sit at the table each day. We also use this space for our weekly meetings and catch-ups.

Near the desks, we have a ‘shop rack’ which is a replica of the racks we have in our store in Martha Street. We use this rack to plan out our next story, which is the collection of styles we are releasing next. We put a lot of thought and planning into this as we want it to look aesthetically pleasing, not only on our website but also across our social media platforms. We also want to ensure we include a range of styles and shapes in each collection we release. 

Moving into the main office, through the large white French door, you will find the desk of the owner and starter of StyleFast, Lauren. We love this office for a few reasons! It is beautifully styled but also very functional with our very own photoshoot studio, which is used for all our photoshoots every fortnight. We have three large racks where all the new styles are steamed and on display ready for the next shoot and a large mirror. 

Rylo Co went above and beyond and we love our new warehouse and we are excited to share it with you!