Autumn Fashion Trends of 2021

As things start to cool down, you can expect a shift in fashion trends to suit. Get ahead of the game this year with our tips on Autumn fashion trends!  


This Autumn you can expect to see a lot of prints, particularly floral, animal and polka dots ones. A floral print is a great way to add some effortless elegance to your wardrobe while an animal or polka dot print will add flare to any outfit. Both are very easily incorporated into any wardrobe with so many different options in clothing to shoes and accessories.


You will have no doubt seen gingham fabric making a rise this year and you can expect that to continue into Autumn. It is a super fun way to add some classic vibes to your wardrobe. Gingham is great too because it is perfect for almost any occasion with the right accessories. We recommend adding at least one gingham item to your wardrobe this Autumn.

Earthy Tones

We may not get as many of those Autumn colours in nature as they do in the Northern Hemisphere but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy earthy tones in our wardrobe. This Autumn you can expect to see a lot of browns, greens and earthy reds. Earthy tones will be great for creating an understated look that can carry you throughout the day and into the evening.


Linen should be a staple of every wardrobe. It is super easy to care for, durable and even better is that it is supposed to have wrinkles meaning you can get ready in the morning without having to iron anything! Its durability means that any linen pieces you add to your wardrobe this Autumn will last you for many seasons to come. Being super versatile is also another huge plus for linen. You can dress it up for work events or keep it low-key for a relaxed weekend vibe. Linen is also great for the cooler months as it helps your body to retain warmth without getting overheated.


You can never go wrong with adding denim to your wardrobe, especially as it starts to get cooler.  High-waisted jeans are a flattering, effortless staple to add to your wardrobe with a great amount of versatility meaning you can wear them nearly anywhere. A denim jacket is also a must this Autumn. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also let you keep some of your Summer items in your wardrobe rotation.

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