A Day In The Life Of Working In The StyleFast Boutique

Hello! My name is Despina and I am the Marketing, Logistics and Retail Assistant at StyleFast. I began working at StyleFast in March, and since then have learnt all facets of the business. Today, I am going to take you through a day in the life of working at the StyleFast Boutique on Martha Street, Camp Hill.   


At StyleFast, we offer free shipping and ship all orders the next day to ensure all of our customers are receiving their orders efficiently. From Monday to Friday, Izzy arrives at 7:30am to dispatch the previous day’s online orders and organise in-store pick-ups. This involves printing all invoices and shipping labels and pulling stock from the store to fulfill orders, before heading to the warehouse to pack and complete dispatch. Izzy will then take all the completed in-store pick-ups back to the boutique, where all customers will be notified that their order is ready to collect. Did you know we have next-day collection for all in-store pick-ups? So convenient for locals! On Saturday, I arrive at 7:30am to complete these same duties so all weekend orders can be shipped on Monday or collected in-store on Saturday.  


Tracey, the Store Manager or one of the Casual Sales Assistants arrives at 8:30am from Monday to Saturday to get the store ready for a 9am opening. This includes dressing the mannequin that sits outside the boutique, ensuring the store's presentation is immaculate and tidy with each rack in size order and familiarising the new arrivals that have just landed. 

Once the doors are open, we commence our daily duties. This includes pulling stock from the store to fulfill online orders or in-store pick-up and storing them in the back room for collection the following morning, replenishing stock from the shop floor as it sells, steaming garments so they are ready to be worn, answering customer enquiries over the phone and re-styling all five mannequins. 



Our biggest priority at StyleFast is to provide exceptional customer service. We aim to make each visit special and unique, by offering clothing recommendations personalised to your figure, style, budget and occasion and showing you how to style the garments to create a full outfit and how easily these garments will fit into your current wardrobe. Do you have an occasion to go to, or do you need to purchase everyday basics? There is something for everyone at StyleFast and all of the staff are here to help and give you our undivided attention. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them and assist you with any enquiries.


As you all know, StyleFast releases new styles online daily. Unfortunately not all of our items can fit in-store, however we aim to have new styles arriving into store three times a week. Izzy and Rob, the StyleFast Business Manager will drop over the stock, where Tracey and the team will then organise the stock in the back room and re-merchandise the store to accommodate the new styles and colour stories to help customers select garments. Lauren, the Owner of StyleFast will also visit the boutique throughout the week after it's closed to re-merchandise and optimise the presentation as well. 


When the time hits 4pm, or 5pm on Thursdays and 3pm on Saturdays, the doors are closed and it's time for the staff to clean the boutique. This involves dusting, wiping all benches, vacuuming and our favourite, finger spacing (which we know you love!). 

Then we do it all again the next day! 

We hope you have enjoyed reading about a day in the life of working at the StyleFast Boutique. Stay tuned for the next one!